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Confusion and Conspiracies Over the Ark of the Covenant… Do You Pretend to Know?


Chimney FireI’ve got to admit, I went through the whole Indiana Jones movie without fully understanding what the Ark of the Covenant was. I was surprised when I found out it was a chest. (I was equally surprised when I found out the Holy Grail was a cup.)

The ancient Israelites made the ark (chest) that carried the covenant (the stone tablets bearing the ten commandments). It was made out of wood. I think the Bible describes the dimensions, so if you’re handy and you’d like to make one yourself… just kidding. I think it’s more fun to look for it. Or write books about looking for it… or movies about finding it. The story is, the ark was so sacred, the waters of the Jordan River separated when it drew near.

So what happened to it? Scholars believe it was destroyed when the Temple in Jerusalem was burned by the Babylonians. My son though, who loves a good conspiracy, talks about it frequently. He’s sure… somebody’s got it somewhere… maybe underground in an Israeli cave?

It would be nice to know that after all these years, the tablets that held the ten commandments was still intact. The commandments are open to interpretation. I was taught the commandments as a child. I’m a mother and this one is my favorite… honor thy father and mother. Even if she laughs when you talk about Ark of the Covenant conspiracies.

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