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Lost Tribes of Israel… Ireland? Scotland? The Celts?


Secret GenealogyThe Tribe of Dan was one of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Dan was the fifth son of Jacob (Israel). One day I saw a website that claimed that Celts were descendants of a mix of several of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Proponents of this theory insist that the Irish descend from the ancient Hebrew tribe of Dan and that Irish tribal name of “Tuatha de Daanan” identifies them.SecretGenealogyIIFrontCover They go further and state that the Danite symbol is the eagle and that they discovered America twice, once in the B.C. era and then later as Vikings. Today the eagle is America’s iconic symbol. A peek into the dictionary reveals the following:

Hebrides – Group of islands off the west coast of and belonging to Scotland

Hibernia – Ireland

Heb., Hebr. – Hebrew(s)

Hebraic – pert. to the Hebrews or their language

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