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Rh-Negative Blood types in African Americans… a Cluster? Yes


Secret GenealogyA cluster is a bunch, group, collection, band or mass of something. And we have it, right here, on this blog site. Hundreds of people are coming to this blog to read about Rh-negative blood factor in African-Americans. Each week, the numbers grow larger. I’m assuming the people are black, looking for the reason why their blood is Rh-negative. Or maybe not the reason why, but who their ancestors were that gave them this unusual blood type. I’ve been doing more research (I’m working on Secret Genealogy V – Africans in Our Family Tree), and honestly, I don’t know if I’ll be able to tell you much more than I already have but I’ll keep working on it. We’ve got to prove we’re not aliens from another planet. That was a joke… but you know what they say… many a truth is said in jest. Who are we anyway?Hand Painted Roses Cover Sec Gen III

Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret GenealogyA How-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry, Secret Genealogy IIUncovering the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors, Secret Genealogy III From Jewish Anglo-Saxon Tribes to New France Acadians and Secret Genealogy IV – Native Americans Hidden in Our Family Trees. Available here:

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Americans Are Multi-Ethnic


Hi there… I took two months off to finish a historical novel, “Black Pansy”. I’m back now and look forward to posting more unusual bits of historical information. I’ve also been researching for “Secret Genealogy IV”. This book will delve into hidden Native American and African American ancestry. I’m fascinated with Americans and how multi-ethnic we are. All the “Secret Genealogy” books are now available in print. You’ll find them here: https://www.amazon.com/author/suellenocean

Thanks for reading! Suellen Ocean