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Donald Trump’s Vision of the New Jerusalem. Is it Messianic?


Secret GenealogyWhen I read that Donald Trump was proudly proclaiming to return the headquarters of the American embassy to Jerusalem, it was akin to something I might read in medieval history books. Could this be symbolic of the Christian Crusade, led by European knights whose aim was to take back control of the sacred sites that the Moslems conquered? Today, Islam controls the holy site of the temple in Jerusalem. My suspicious mind started reeling.SecretGenealogyIIFrontCover

I am working on a new Secret Genealogy book, and I just finished researching about Orthodox Jewish messianic belief. Jews believe that a great human leader will emerge. Someone like King David. There is a list of tasks that this messiah must accomplish (source: jewfaq.org) :

  • The ingathering of the exiles
  • Restoration of the religious courts of justice
  • An end of wickedness, sin and heresy
  • Reward to the righteous
  • Rebuilding of Jerusalem
  • Restoration of the line of King David
  • Restoration of Temple service

Hand Painted Roses Cover Sec Gen IIIDonald Trump, with his medieval Knights of Malta background (if it’s true) arouses my suspicions. Some vendettas never disappear. Think about the belief that George W. Bush wanted to topple Saddam Hussein for his father’s legacy… the war that took over 100,000 lives. Think of Putin and his desire to return Russia to the glory of the Soviet Union. Wars are often built on delusions. It’s a place where for some reason, for thousands of years, people’s minds like to play. At the expense of the innocents.

When I was a young woman of about twenty, people used to talk about the Four Horsemen in the Book of Revelations and the Apocalypse (disaster, catastrophe, destruction, day of reckoning). Armageddon was a popular term. (Today it’s a quiet place in Israel but the dictionary uses it as a synonym for “end of the world.”) I was afraid of this apocalypse that I found hard to understand. Today I understand it as war games that world leaders get us into, too often unnecessarily.Kindle COVER Secret Genealogy IV

The Chinese have a saying, “make friends with change.” Besides accepting a new president with whom some of us do not agree, we must also accept that the world has changed. It is no longer medieval. The Crusades are over. It is a new era. Jesus is gone but he left us with teachings of peace and acceptance. He was a good Jew who wanted to share his version of Judaism with everyone, including Gentiles. Donald Trump is no messiah. Neither Christian nor Jewish. Let’s hope that those of all faiths and persuasions will pray for him.

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