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Curious About Whether You Have Jewish Ancestry? Their History is Fascinating


The history of the Jewish people is fascinating. While reading, “The Weight of Ink” by Rachel Kadish, I came across ancient Jewish history that I’ve always wondered about. Masada. Having heard a lot about Masada, I looked it up in a Bible concordance and it isn’t listed. What an oversight. It’s an old Bible, having both Old and New Testaments, but that doesn’t matter, it should be listed in that concordance. A Biblical concordance lists important names and histories. In 2008, almost 722,000 people visited Masada, making it the most popular Israeli tourist site that year. That’s an important Holy Land location.

Masada is a mountaintop where Jews got trapped by the Romans. These quotes from “The Weight of Ink,” tell us all we need to know.

“… choose death with honor,” the guide recited, “and do the kindest thing we can for ourselves, our wives, and our children, while it is still possible to show ourselves any kindness.” Each man, Eliezer urged, must kill his family. ..”

“order to be determined by lot, the men would slaughter one another. The final man standing would kill himself—but only after setting fire to the food stores so that the Romans would be denied that prize. Only one food storeroom and water cistern would be left intact, to mock the Romans with its bounty. Let the Romans find the food and the brimming cistern, and the bodies tenderly laid in a row.”

“Jews had chosen death, rather than slavery to the Romans and their gods.”

“And Josephus knew because two Jewish women, one old and one young, hid in a cave with some children during the killing. In their cowardice they were caught and made slaves by the Romans, and the women told their story to Josephus [Flavius].”

“They were traitors. But they did at least the good of keeping the story alive.”

My thanks to author Rachel Kadish for using her historical fiction to tell the history of the Jewish people.

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