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Religion & Genealogy… Is Jesus in Your Family Tree?


Secret GenealogyIt does not matter to me whether Jesus lived or died. But if pushed, I’d like to believe that he lived. I think he was a wonderful man. Now mind you, I might believe this because I’ve been taught about Jesus and his teachings, probably since the day I was born. My father was a particularly strong believer.

I can’t tell you how many times people have gotten in my face and told me that the Bible is nothing but a fairy tale and that Jesus may never have existed. As a Christian, I had to deal with that question. What if everything I was taught was a fairy tale? I was not dissuaded. You can take everything away and we are still left with the essence of the teachings attributed to Jesus.

SecretGenealogyIIFrontCoverWhat’s all this got to do with genealogy? People are claiming that they can trace their lineage back to the Holy Family. I stumbled across the most elaborate family tree I think I’ve ever seen. They trace back to Charlemagne and then go even further and link to the Holy Family. Yes… that Holy Family, the one that Jesus, Mary and Joseph belong to. I have to admit, I’m skeptical. But I also have to admit that it is very intriguing. And brings to mind the saying…  it could happen. But did it?

Here’s a shortened version of the elaborate family tree story: Pontius Pilatus was bribed to spare Jesus. For appearances, he had to hold a crucifixion but he had Jesus and the other two men taken down after nine hours. The family tree story claims that “early” Biblical text states that Jesus suffered on the cross. Much later it was edited to Jesus “died” on the cross.Hand Painted Roses Cover Sec Gen III

So it begs the question… if Jesus lived to have a family, could someone legitimately trace that far back?

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