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The Essenes Were Jews


The Essenes were an ancient spiritual group (with a few loners who chose to live in solitude) who practiced communal living two centuries before Jesus. There is speculation today that some of Jesus’s beliefs were influenced by this ancient sect that combined Judaism with Asian rules and rituals. They spent their days praying and like Orthodox Jews today, they studied the sacred writings. They frowned on priesthoods and shared their possessions equally. They spoke of “angels,” including “the angel of light” and “the angel of water” and how to cherish the simple gifts of nature to maintain health. They were agriculturalists whose writings teach us the importance of sprouted wheat. If you want a modern day parallel to the Essenes, look to the communes and monasteries that practice peaceful living, in nature, away from populated areas.

The Essenes were persecuted by the Romans and the Orthodox Jews of the day did not support their beliefs. Archaeologists digging in the Dead Sea area where they had a settlement, have unearthed numerous ancient scrolls. These scrolls are an Israeli heritage.

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