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We’re All Different But Some of Us are Minorities


You might not think of a Caucasian as a minority but I often feel like one and today I understand why. When my mother’s ancestors came to New Amsterdam they called themselves the “Low Dutch.” They came from the lowlands of Holland and wanted to distinguish themselves from those of Germanic heritage who were also referred to as “Dutch.” Nor were the “Low Dutch” English, they made that clear. History shows the “Low Dutch” as being an unusual group of immigrants who made their way from back east into Kentucky and encouraged the young ones to marry within the group. Eventually the old folks worst fears were imagined and the descendants of the “Low Dutch” intermarried with the English, the Scots, the Irish, the Scots-Irish and probably the Germans. They fell in love with immigrants from all over the world. But my views on life are sometimes a bit counter to mainstream America and I find myself feeling like a minority. There isn’t much one can do about that except to keep on keepin’ on with their culture however odd it may seem to others. As my mother used to say, “It takes all kinds.”

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