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Did Great-Great-Grandpa Attend a Meeting of the KKK?


I read an interesting book that spoke of the beginnings of the Ku Klux Klan. In this book, they stated that the KKK began after the Civil War as a group of neighbors in the south, getting together to discuss rebuilding their communities. Can you imagine the stigma associated with having gone to a couple of these meetings? For those of us researching Southern roots, this is something we could run across. It is not easy for someone of say, Irish ancestry, whose ancestors held slaves, to go to an African-American ancestry board and post a message. But we can learn of our collective histories through our ancestor’s relationships. You never know what you may find around the next corner. It is wonderful to see Southerners of both African-American and Caucasian ancestry collaborating on ancestry message boards. We have only begun.

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