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Genealogy: Elusive German Ancestors


German-Jews, the term almost seems an oxymoron, but of course many Jews were at one time, and are today, Germans. I have a Jewish friend who thinks it’s amusing that his parents named him Jerry, German slang for a German. The Nazis were so inhospitable, it’s hard to understand why Jews would want to remain or return to Germany, except that the love for their country was immense. But Jews made their homes in Germany many generations ago. In antiquity, Jewish traders traveled into Germany and so did the Greeks, Syrians and other Eastern merchants, and many made their homes there, with as much right to do so as any. In 1871 German Jews received equal rights. So if you’ve any confusion, rest assured, your German Jerrys could be Jews. Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret GenealogyA How-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry, Secret Genealogy IIUncovering the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors and Secret Genealogy III From Jewish Anglo-Saxon Tribes to New France Acadians. Available here:

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Secret Genealogy II:   http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Genealogy-II-Christian-Ancestors/dp/1484053222

Secret Genealogy III:   http://www.amazon.com/Secret-Genealogy-III-Jewish-Anglo-Saxon-Acadians/dp/148407579X

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