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Court Jews – “Hofjew” Could Play a Role in Your Ancestry Search


During the Middle Ages, when Jews were denied access to trade guilds, they became dominant in finance and business, especially for the courts. This caused envy among other Jews whose lives were in sharp contrast. A fierce debate goes on to this day but the history of the “Hofjew” could play a role in your ancestry search, particularly if you see any clues in your genealogical tree. One Dutch surname is “Brengerhof.” In German, Hof means “farm or yard.” Court Jews were called “Hofjuden,” and whether there was intent to insult by association with a farm, similar to the derogatory “Marrano/Swine” name during the Inquisition, I have not heard but in the Netherlands “hof” meant “court” and the main messenger of this court was called a “Brenger.” If your surname is “Brengerhof” or “Brinkerhoff” I would consider following the Jewish research trail. In England the expression was “Court Jew” and in Latin “Feret” means to “bear, bring, carry off, consider, get, produce, receive, tell, speak of or win.” This class of Jews were granted “protection” because they were accountants, clerks, tax collectors, etc. who provided excellent service to the local government.”

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