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Adolph Hitler’s Syphilis Specialist… Dr. Morell


Chimney FireIn 1936, fellow Nazi, Theodor Morell, became Adolf Hitler’s doctor. Hitler’s photographer had been going to Morell and credited the doctor with “saving his life.” So, believing the man was a great healer, turned to Dr. Morell himself. It sounds like Morell was watching for what was trending at the time, he marketed his treatments to Germany’s ritzy crowd and married a well-heeled German movie star. Although Hitler tried to persuade his inner circle to avail themselves of Dr. Morell’s services, they were not convinced of his genius the way the Fuhrer was. They thought he was a fraud. But Hitler had health problems and they grew worse under Dr. Morell’s care. The doctor concocted strange drug recipes and Hitler, believing so strongly in him, kept submitting to the poisonous treatments.

New Hot Snow CoverHitler’s fear of the Jews manifested itself in many ways. One of them was his belief that the Jews were somehow linked to the spread of the disease syphilis, a disease that Dr. Morell specialized in. There has also been speculation that Hitler suffered from Parkinson’s disease. His arm shook visibly as the war was coming to an end. But it’s possible it was from the poisonous concoctions he was letting the doctor inject into his veins. Most historians believe that Hitler died in his bunker. Dr. Morell was one of the last people to see the Fuhrer alive.

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