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Did Hitler Help Inspire the Vegetarian/Spiritual Movement that Gained Strength in the 1960’s?


First I heard that Hitler was a vegetarian. That was long after I had become a vegetarian and it left me with strange thoughts. Then I saw this old documentary about the Nazis and the occult. It left me feeling odd and curious to see these early Nazis swimming in the woods, enjoying the pleasures of nature and hearing of their desire to return to a simpler time. They were familiar feelings. They were my feelings during the 1970s. Unfortunately, a movement that could have been shared and not thought of as ethnocentric wasn’t. And what culture didn’t spring from simpler times? But perhaps those who were not Nazis yet still a part of this new trend of thought, brought these beautiful ideas of nature loving and eating holistically to their new places of immigration long before the Nazis turned it into something frightfully grotesque. Perhaps it was even early Jews who sensed all was not well and left their beloved German homeland before it was too late. Whoever or however the movement was spread, I am grateful. Nature is beautiful.

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