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Genealogy: Anti-Semites With Jewish Names… Who Knew?


The New York Times is taking heat for publishing author Alice Walker’s book recommendations. “What books are on your nightstand?” they asked. Mentioning a book by author David Icke is drawing disgust. Yair Rosenberg writes in tabletmag.com that David Icke is “one of Britain’s most notorious anti-Semites.”

I’ve thumbed through a David Icke book and I’ve heard an interview. I friend had his book and tried to tout it to me. I had to underline phrase after phrase and make page notes, hoping my friend would see the inconsistencies in what Icke was championing. Rosenberg writes, “Like many conspiracy theorists, Icke claims that a secret conspiracy controls the world. And like many conspiracy theorists, Icke claims that this secret conspiracy happens to be Jewish.”

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen and read the names of alleged anti-Semites and shake my head at the ignorance of their own ethnic backgrounds. David Icke is a perfect example. He has a very Jewish first name, David, who was the king of the Jews. And one could argue that his last name is a version of Issac, also a Jewish name. The Istanbul Jewish Genealogy Project lists these names: Izaak, Izac, Izah, Izak, Izchak. If I were researching the surname Icke, I would not rule out Jewish origins and that the name had been altered a bit over the years.

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Genealogy: Do You Have a Benjamin in Your Family Tree?


Benjamin is a Hebrew name meaning “Son of the right hand”. If your family tree has a Benjamin it could be that your ancestors had an affinity for the ancient Israelites. Used alone, Ben means “Son of”. You will find the Hebrew prefix Ben, used abundantly in Hebrew names as in Ben Jacobs, of course meaning “Son of Jacob”. It makes it hard to trace our ancestors when their ethnicity and or religion changed from Hebrew to Hebrew- Christian and eventually to Christian, but knowing the origins of both first names and surnames is a great place to start.


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