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What Kind of Jews Were My Ancestors? Iranian? Russian? Sephardic? Having Fun With Gedmatch


You may have heard the news this year. They found the Golden State Killer and Gedmatch helped find him. Relatives of his, uploaded their DNA onto the site from their DNA testing company and law enforcement figured out who the killer was through familial DNA matches. Aside from the weirdness of even considering that one of your relatives might be a serial killer, the site is a lot of fun. It’s a little complicated at first, everything is so foreign, but you can get the hang of it. If I can do it, you can do it too. The admixture calculators are the easiest and there are lots and lots of world populations to explore by comparing your DNA. For instance, there are lots of entries for “Jews,” Iranian Jews, Sephardic Jews, etc. So far, everything I’ve done on the site has been free. I had to upload my raw data from the testing company I used, 23andMe. After I did that, Gedmatch gave me a “kit number” which is used like a password so you can compare your DNA with others or analyze a colorful pie chart of your various population groups. Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret Genealogy VII – DNA, Jumping Into the Gene Pool. A High Tech Gathering of the Tribes. Available here:


Genealogy… Finally Took That DNA Test


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I put it off for years but I finally took a DNA test for ancestry. I went through 23andMe and I’m pleased with their reporting. It wasn’t easy to read reports with new words and phrases that I wasn’t accustomed to. And it required studying for me to figure things out. I didn’t get all of the answers but I wrote a little book that might help you to understand the confusing world of DNA testing.

Secret Genealogy VII – DNA, Jumping Into the Gene Pool. A High Tech Gathering of the Tribes, Available here:


Secret Genealogy VII:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078X5F7YP

Actually, it was a pretty fun book to write.