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What Exactly is the Bible?



Secret GenealogyMany of us grow up thinking that the Bible is one big book. The original Greek word for Bible meant, “books.” Not “book.” When were they written? Over a period of about 1600 years. The first part of the Bible is the Old Testament written before the life of Jesus. It contains thirty-nine books. The New Testament focused on Jesus as the Messiah, it has twenty-seven books. Thirty-nine and twenty-seven? That’s sixty-six books. It’s a small library.SecretGenealogyIIFrontCover

The Bible was written by about forty different authors. Which means that it has forty different takes on life. In these books, we find laws, history, poetry, prophesies, parables and wisdom. The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the language of the Jews. The New Testament was written in Greek. It requires an open mind to read the Bible objectively. If someone asks you if you believe every word of the Bible, you’d better think twice before answering yes. The good book is full of contradictions, archaic laws and draconian practices. Take from it the thoughtful, peaceful words of wisdom that speak to you. Leave the rest to history.

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