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Think You Might Have Jewish Ancestry?


More and more people are beginning to wonder, “Gee, do I have Jewish ancestry that no one told me about?” That answer may be a loud YES. Some people are just now opening their eyes and seeing what was right in front of them and they never thought to ask. Why would they? We trust our parents and grandparents. They tell us the truth. Why wouldn’t they tell us? I can give you a one word answer. SAFETY.

Whether someone is Irish, Mexican, Italian, German, you name it, historically there’s been disparaging remarks said about them. Said about everybody. I don’t see it coming to a stop. If you have Jewish ancestry and your elders were mum about it, they were only trying to keep you safe. Or let you have the same opportunities as others. No, it’s not fair but it is what it is and that is what happened. It is though, never too late to explore your Jewish ancestry and their heritage. Your heritage. It’s not as hard as you think and today, there are many more resources available.

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Tracing Southern Ancestry Back 2600 Years to the king of Babylon


A genealogical posting on an ancestry message board regarding the surname, “Nunes” says oral history states that the name was originally “Ben-Nun”, a reference to Nebuchaneezer, the king of Babylon who captured Jerusalem and in 597 B.C. kept the Jews captive for over fifty years.

I read another fascinating story regarding the surname, “Nunes” or “Nunez”. A genealogist denotes it is a Sephardic Jewish name that began in Jerusalem. The family line fled to Spain, then to Portugal then to Savannah Georgia.

In some instances Nunes/Nunez became “Eunice”. In Acadian Louisiana there is a community “Eunice”, settled by rice farmers, many from South Carolina, whose ancestors originally came to the colonies from Barbados, Jamaica, Bermuda, Spain and Portugal. Do you have a Eunice in your family tree? How about Nunes or Nunez? Is it far-fetched to belie

Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret GenealogyA How-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry, Secret Genealogy IIUncovering the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors and Secret Genealogy III From Jewish Anglo-Saxon Tribes to New France Acadians. Available here:

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ve that family oral history could survive for over 2600 years?


Secret Genealogy