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Those Mysterious Acadians


I wouldn’t be so curious about the French Acadians had not my father made such a big deal about them. He told me that I should study their history. When I tried to get him to explain to me who they were, he became frustrated and short tempered and said, “Just look it up.” So here I am thirty years later, fascinated with ancestry and history and those mysterious Acadians. Who were the Acadians? Were they Jews? One woman on a Jewish message board came from a Catholic background and she had recently learned that Acadians may have originally been Jewish. She was uncomfortable that she had not known the truth.

The Acadians were a former French colony in Canada, now known as Nova Scotia that “ceded to Great Britain 1713”. Webster’s dictionary says “ceded” but I think more accurately the Acadians were thrown out. Most of them went to Louisiana and are known today as Cajuns. And where did these “Acadian” people get their name? One has to wonder if they are not the “Ad’kad” people.

“Akka’dian” – Of or pertaining to the ancient Semitic inhabitants of southern Mesopotamia before 2000 B.C.E. or to their civilization, or to the east Semitic dialects of Babylon and Assyria.”

“Mesopotamia” – region in ancient country, Asia, between Euphrates & Tigris rivers; in modern usage practically coextensive with Iraq. Where some believe the biblical Garden of Eden existed.

Those mysterious Acadians …

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