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Religion… The Times They are a Changing


When I was a young adult, people wanted to argue with me about religion. It got very confusing. I had people telling me their religion was the only true religion. They were convinced of that. The religion I was hearing in my left ear was contrary to what I was hearing in my right, yet both proselytizers believed their religion was the truth. I knew they both couldn’t be right. I had one lady stick her high heel in my door so I couldn’t close it, while she shouted offensively. I had a preacher invite me to his tiny church and then rant about short skirts while I sat there wearing one. Civilization has had one too many holy wars and I think most of us have had enough. I’m not Catholic but I appreciate Pope Francis and have faith that he will talk some sense into everyone. People have been arguing about religion for thousands of years. America’s stern forefathers and mothers were were so strict about religion, they were mean. As I sit looking at the natural beauty outside my window, it gives me an understanding, a feeling, just like the prophets of old probably felt. They tried to put it into words and some of them got it right. Thousands of years later their messages are repeated. Let’s hope we continue to hear… peacefully.

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