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Unraveling African-American Genealogy


“Bantu” means “the people” and is used to define numerous African tribes with a variety of dialects. My old encyclopedia states that most of the black people “living in equatorial and southern Africa (except the Pigmies) belong to the great Bantu family. It is believed that originally the Bantus lived in Eastern Africa and at some later period pushed their way south and west.” Taking a look at my globe I see that the Bantu people could have come from the Holy Land thus making them Bani-Israel, Children of Israel. And if there is a connection that could mean that the thousands of people who have similar names (Beni, Bantu, Bantam, Banten, Banta, Bonte, Bani, Bandi, Bonde…) might be part of this huge group. According to the same Grolier Encyclopedia, the languages of black Africans fall into five major groups: Bushman, Bantu, Sudanic, Hamitic and Semitic. The Bantu group has 400 languages.

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