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What Was the “Law of the Pure Blood?”


During the Inquisitional era, the Law of the Pure Blood was a prohibition against migrating to Mexico unless one could prove that the last three generations of their family had been “Old Christians.” This law was enacted as an attempt to keep out Jews who had fled Spain and Portugal’s Inquisitions and were seeking new homelands. Today, many people living in America’s southwest are finding that their ancestors were in fact Jewish but hid it, making them Crypto-Jews. It’s interesting to run into an ancestral brick wall only to find out that they were Jewish and for several generations the descendants did not know.

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Are We Racists If We Ask, “What’s Your Nationality?”


Good question. What is it, the last nation with which you were a citizen of? And then what nation is that nation? The last country that conquered it? America’s boundaries did a lot of changing during the Colonial era and so have countries around the world. It may seem interesting to question one who has a foreign accent, perhaps just being friendly but they may have been a citizen of our country long before we were born so to them it could make us appear racist. One thing most of us have in common is that we love our country. Whenever I travel outside of it, I’m always happy to be back.

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