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The History of Hot, Black Egyptians


You’ve come to read my post about hot, black Egyptians, only to find that I’m making Biblical references? Yes, of course. I’m going to reference Noah from the book of Genesis. He had a son named Ham, whom the Bible tells us is the progenitor of the Ethiopians and the North African nations. If you have North African ancestry or your Iberian ancestry traces back to North Africa, and if the Biblical reference is true, you descend from Noah’s son Ham. The ancient Biblical name for Egypt is Ham and it means hot or black. I see no reason why someone can’t be both hot and black but I need not digress.

Ham is referenced in Psalms 105 and 106. My old encyclopedia informs me that the wording in these passages confirms that another name for Egypt is indeed Ham. But another entry in the same encyclopedia states that, “Their relationship to the ancient Egyptians is still undecided.” Using the Bible to uncover the origins of our ancient ancestry is intriguing. There is much to explore.

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Rh-negative Blood, African Americans and Ancient Iberians


Small Size FRONT Canva Cover Secret Genealogy VPeople who have Rh-negative blood have a strong curiosity about where it came from. Those who have it sometimes find it unsettling but fear not, it is an inherited trait like brown or blue eyes. If you have ancestors from the British Isles, it may very well have come from them. Today’s African Americans are more genetically like European Americans than they are like their African ancestors. When the English took New Amsterdam from the Dutch, renaming it New York, the English greatly colonized the American South and their plantations brought indigenous Africans to work them, hence the English DNA in many of today’s black population. The Rh-negative blood could have come from ancestors who were Iberian fishermen who populated Spain’s coastal regions, and migrated to Britain between 4,000 and 5,000 BC.  Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret Genealogy V– Black, White and Hamite; Ancestors of Color in Our Family Trees. Available here: https://www.amazon.com/Secret-Genealogy-Hamite-Ancestors-Family-ebook/dp/B01HJ622DU