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Have You Seen the Middle Eastern TV Series Fauda?


The first time hubby and I watched episode one of Fauda, we were not impressed. It consisted of a violent Israeli attack on a Palestinian wedding. We shook our heads and in unison said, “No thanks, not watching that.” But we kept hearing good things about the show, so we broke down and gave it another try. We’re glad that we did. Fauda has an excellent cast. The actors do an outstanding job of helping us envision both Israeli and Palestinian lives, living on the edge of a never-ending war. Although it’s fiction, it’s based on the truth of the rough neighborhood that is Israel and the Palestinian Territories. The show tries to portray fairness to both sides. I have no idea of the show’s accuracy, but I’m told it’s a good portrayal. I hope the Middle East works its differences out and someday they live in peace. Suellen Ocean is the author of The Steinberg Conspiracy Series. Available here:

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