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Is The British Royal Family Jewish? And Would It Matter To You If They Were?


Why? My understanding is that they, like millions AND MILLIONS of others have ancient Jewish ancestry, which personally, I think, is pretty cool. Who wouldn’t love to know the names and folklore surrounding our loved ones of long ago, whom without we would not be here? It appears the Royal Family is mostly silent about it, which leaves me breathless to think that a family with the wealth, power and prestige of the Royal House of Windsor would in this day and age be cautious of the repercussions such a discussion would bring about. The world is full of folks with Jewish ancestry, even anti-Semites should take a better look at their family tree. Aren’t most of us a little bit of everything? Isn’t it time we were pleased about that?

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Exclusion of Jews from Trade Guilds Led to Proficiency in Banking and Finance


Secret Genealogy

The Jews may have formed fraternities early on, but by the time Christianity came to Europe, many fraternities morphed into “trade guilds”, which Jews were then excluded from, which is why many Jews have become proficient in occupations like banking and finance. But, a secret society, like the Order of Masons could have been a way for them to belong to a fraternity, especially if other Jews were already enmeshed into them for centuries. You can make a long list of similarities between some ancient Hebrew rituals and Masonic rituals. It’s an interesting topic, especially when the beginning of Masonry is associated with the Knights Templar, attributed to creating the world’s first banking system. The Knights Templar also began in Jerusalem when they occupied King Solomon’s Temple. The Mason’s headquarters in London has huge murals on the walls containing menorahs and other Jewish and Middle Eastern icons. If you are ever in London, make a visit to the Masonic Grand Lodge.

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