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Are Conspiracy Theories Hidden in Nursery Rhymes?


Warning… a nursery rhyme will be spinning around in your head after you read this but it’s interesting to note that sometimes adults who wrote them, planted hidden meanings and they probably still do. I will never look at a nursery rhyme the same after learning that there might be politics involved. One even has to do with the translation of the Bible ordered by King Henry VIII. During that historical era, the printers used pica type to print the new translation and it was done by… four and twenty blackbirds. Well, not really but yes… really. Back then, the English alphabet had only twenty-four letters. They were baked in a pie (pica). And wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king?


Sing a song of six pence

a pocket full of rye

Four and twenty blackbirds

backed in a pie

When the pie was opened

the birds began to sing

Wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the king?

The king was in the counting-house

counting out his money

The queen was in the parlor

eating bread and honey,

The maid was in the garden

hanging out the clothes.

Along came a blackbird

and snipped off her nose.

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Ancient History: Druids and Nature Worshipping Britons


Like ancient Roman, Greek and Middle Eastern cultures, the Britons had many gods. They had a class of priests called Druids, reminiscent of the ancient Hebrews and their Judges. The Druids were versed on the oral narratives of the tribe and the rules that the tribe was required to follow. These wise men settled disputes that arose between the different tribes and within the smaller groups, as did the Hebrew Judges.

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London’s East End Holds Jewish, Huguenot and Jack the Ripper History


In the 1600s, Huguenot refugees settled in East End London neighborhoods of Bethnal Green, Shoreditch and Spitalfields. These Huguenots were silk weavers. During the East End’s growth of the 20th century it was not uncommon for women to work at home in their modest studios with various manufacturing endeavors. The “Whitechapel Murderer” was none other than Jack the Ripper, who terrorized the area during the 1800s when prostitution was another one of the professions practiced in London’s East End.

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