How Did Hitler Get a Lifetime Appointment as Germany’s Head of State?


There’s a lot of talk these days about world leaders who never leave their posts. Some in America question whether that could happen here.

After World War I, Germany lost its military superiority. The country was defeated and downhearted. German crowds listened when Adolph Hitler spoke to them in Munich beer halls. Although his speeches were rants, he gained such a large following, his party gained a majority in the German parliament (the Reichstag), and Hitler rose to became Germany’s prime minister. Then, Germany’s president died. Upon President von Hindenburg’s death, as prime minister, Hitler slipped into the role of Germany’s head of state. There was no election. Hitler was never elected president. The rest is history. A very bad history. One that must never be repeated. Suellen Ocean is the author of The Steinberg Conspiracy Series. Available here:

Book One, Chimney Fire:

Book Two, Hot Snow:

Book Three, Herr Boy:

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