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Rh-Negative Blood, Ancient Iberians, Gaul, Gaelic, Celtic… Confusing. Don’t ya Think?


When you hear the word Gaul (pronounced gol) you can think France, for it was the name formerly used for that geographical area. A Frenchman is sometimes referred to as a Gaul. Before it was France, it was called Gallia by the Romans who with Caesar’s leadership, conquered the area. Caesar’s Gaul was populated mostly by the Celts. Back then, it held more territory than today’s France. Gaul encompassed Belgium, some of Germany, Switzerland and Holland. Northern Italy was included too, it was considered Gallia Cisalpina.

The Gaels, on the other hand, (pronounced gales) are the Gaelic branch of the Celts, particularly those that wound up in the Scottish Highlands. The Gaelic word for it is Gaidheal (also pronounced gale). To go back in time further, before Gael it was Goidel. The Goidels were a round-headed Alpine people who mixed with the darker-skinned, long-headed people who became the Celts. For more information on the ancient Iberians, especially if you’re interested in the Rh-negative blood type, see Chapter V of Secret Genealogy V – Black, White and Hamite; Ancestors of Color in Our Family TreesAvailable here:

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History: Who Are the Founders and Patriots of America?


The Founders and Patriots of America is a society that opens its doors to any United States citizens who had colonial ancestors who were in America by May 13th, 1657. Back in 1657, the Native people (Colonists called them Indians) were fiercely defending their land. They would have resented anyone claiming that they “founded” the land. After all, the Indians had been here for thousands of years. But we know how that ended. After the Dutch settled, Britain sent large numbers of its citizens to America to outnumber the Indians. And the French were here early too. So were the Spanish and the Portuguese. The Germans came in greater numbers a little later and ever since, people from all over the globe have flown or sailed to America’s great shores. Who are the Founders and Patriots of America? It may have been a group of people who formed a society and incorporated in 1896 but as far as I’m concerned, America’s oldest “founders” are the Native people who were here long before 1657. And its Patriots are those who love this great country and teach their children its history. A history that is inclusive of all people, from all lands.

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