Getting Rid of Sorrow… Buddhism


In the fifth century before Jesus walked with his disciples and preached about loving thy neighbor, a man named Guatama taught people how to get rid of sorrow. He belonged to a Himalayan tribe known as Sakya. He was considered their sage. It wasn’t until after his death that he was worshipped as a god. Buddha was not his name. Buddha means “enlightened one.” He was (or is) also known as the “Great Hero” due to his conquering of his “self.” About 325 B.C, India’s King Asoka was desperate to move away from the carnage of war. He became a Buddhist and placed monuments to Buddha throughout his kingdom, in the hope that people would follow the philosophy of living with order and kindness. One such monument to Buddha is what’s called the Lion Capital. The lion represents the moral power of Buddha and today it is the symbol of the Republic of India.

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