Nazi Soldiers Were All Cranked Up… Literally


Chimney FireI’ve heard people talk about German soldiers being on methamphetamine during WWII. The story I was told, was that the drug was manufactured for them so that they would be cranked up to kill. It appears that the soldiers weren’t the only ones on meth. Rumor has it… Hitler was too. He had this crazy doctor named Morell. The story goes that Dr. Morell had an easy way to get the Fuhrer up and going in the mornings and that was to inject him with what he called multivitamins. Trouble was, they weren’t vitamins, it was speed… crank… meth… whatever you chose to call it. No wonder events got so crazy in Nazi Germany. Many in Hitler’s inner-circle believed that Dr. Morell was a crazy quack. One of Hitler’s other doctors is said to be the fellow who discovered that what was in Dr. Morell’s little gold packets wasn’t multivitamins at all but meth. He knew because he took it and had it analyzed.New Hot Snow Cover

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