Adding More Intrigue to the Rh-negative Blood Factor


Secret Genealogy

I’ve been digging around in old encyclopedias again. But just for the record, they’re respectable and very well written… in their day. Correction… I respect them today and am in awe of how advanced the information was. Much of what I read in a fifty-year-old encyclopedia, is just hitting the news today. What’s funny is when I find things written that would not be written today. Not. Politically. Correct. But oh how I love it, especially this:

The men of the Basque provinces are stern and uncompromising; they are devoutly religious.

That is stereotyping and not politically correct, so we don’t do that, or we try not to. Stern, uncompromising, devoutly religious… anyone you know? That describes many people of different ethnicities and it is not an exclusive trait of men. But that said, if you’re Rh-negative, you probably know by now that the highest rates of Rh-negative blood occur in the Basque populations of France and Spain. Close to two-thirds of the Basque population carry one of the (r) negative genes.SecretGenealogyIIFrontCover

These “stern” Basque men, may have been our ancestors. What the encyclopedia has to say about their language is even more intriguing than the personality traits a writer penned fifty-years ago. The Basque language has no relationship to any other European language, including that of Spain and France, where their homeland is today. The researcher wrote that, “It is commonly thought that Basque is derived from the language of the ancient Iberians.” Next time you’re required to check mark a box for ethnicity, select “other” and write… Ancient Iberian.

Hand Painted Roses Cover Sec Gen III

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