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Nice To See It When People Are “Open” to Their Ancestry…


It’s refreshing to see people who are completely open to who their ancestors were. I mean seriously, it’s not like you can change it. I see where problems could arise in knowing something uncomfortable about our forefathers and mothers, especially if they were “bad” people. But we have so many people in our family trees, we’re going to find both good and bad people. I suppose we should prepare ourselves for a few shocks, but at the same time, prepare ourselves to get over it and move on. I doubt we can find anyone who doesn’t have both slave and slaveholder, somewhere in our family tree. And the Vikings, they were c’est terrible. But millions of us carry their DNA. Those guys really got around. If you’re of Middle Eastern descent, the Vikings went into Lebanon with their longboats. If you’re English, Irish or Scottish, the Vikings invaded your islands. I’ve read about Englishmen/women who go to great lengths to prove their genealogical trails do not trace back to the Vikings. (Their violent reputations will never be forgotten.) And there’s evidence that long before Christopher Columbus arrived in America, the Vikings were here first. They were in Russia too. And of course if you have Scandinavian ancestry, well, that’s where the Vikings came from. Tag… you’re it.

Sorry for singling out the Vikings. I’ve been watching the series by that name and it makes me think of some of my own Scandinavian ancestry. And to their credit, the Vikings settled down in the countries they invaded. It’s said that they became more Irish than even the Irish themselves. Let’s all lighten up and have fun with genealogy and history!

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