Genealogy: To D or not to D… that is the question


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I’ve never been interested in checking my DNA. I thought it might take the fun out of all my exploring but lately I’ve been thinking it would be interesting. Those who have spoken with me about their experience, have said positive things about it. Because I delve deeper into genealogy, I believe I could benefit from the connections that the test provides. Something that is important to me is sharing what I know of my ancestry with those who have the same surname. Not that I want to give a plug to but I would love to see who I share DNA with and they make some nice connections for you if you go through 23andme. At least that’s the impression I get, even though not all reviews are positive. I’m in no hurry to sign up but sometime this year, I may give it a try. I’ll let you know. Maybe we are related.

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  1. Hi Suellen,

    I would NEVER have thought that my DNA or my ancestors had anything remotely connected to being Jewish – even though I know we all come from Adam & Eve.

    Most, if NOT ALL, of my ancestors have been in the western area of VA now WV and eastern KY FOR AT LEAST 200 years now on both my maternal AND my paternal side.

    Back in 2009, I took my 1st DNA test with DNA Consultants – their “DNA Fingerprint plus 18 Ethnic Marker” test. Imagine my surprise to have a couple of Jewish markers (on what I am convinced is my maternal side)!!! Then in 2013 I had the results updated since they had more people who had tested and my results were!!!: maternal side has 3 Jewish markers – Jewish I, II & III; while Dad’s side has Jewish I

    Then for totally different reasons we had my BLANKENSHIP Cousin test and his y-DNA Haplogroup came back J2… and we only matched 1 other male Blankenship (we know how we are related on paper – but the person who manages their account doesn’t believe that J2 is Jewish!!!)

    Took me almost 10 months to wrap my head around the fact that all of my Cousin’s matches had surnames of WARD, WARDEN, WARDLE, WORLEY, WOOTEN. Well, there must be something wrong with THEIR tests!!!

    Well, DUH, NO – it’s us!!! We aren’t English Blankenships with a J2 haplogroup.

    I’ve since learned that we were Syrian Jews who came with the Roman Army!!! That would have been somewhere between 120 and 450 A.D. No surnames were used back then, but when surnames began to come into being – we were given the name of WARD which means GUARD – which is what we had been for the Romans.

    Now I don’t know if my ancestors EVER used the name of WARD BUT I do know that either we changed our surname or just took the BLANKENSHIP surname because we lived close to that area where the BLENKENSOPP Castle was…

    It’s been an interesting journey – one that you really should try.

    I recommend 23andMe for females BECAUSE they also tell you your maternal haplogroup.


    PS Love your blog and all of your books!!!


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