Narrowing Down the Options for Rh Negative Blood


Secret Genealogy

Some scientists tell us that Rh Negative blood factor began as a mutation well over 25,000 years ago. Some sources tell us that close to two-thirds of the Basque people carry these genes. Let’s line up the ethnic groups who have high percentages of their population who carry Rh Negative.


Oriental Jews of Israel

Black Cochin Jews


Moroccan Berbers

Bearing in mind that the Basque language probably originated in ancient Iberia (Spain), the above ethnic groups lead us to Africa and the Middle East. Evidence of the earliest humans is found in Africa. Later they migrated into the Middle East. Those of us with Rh Negative blood are proof that our ancestors were in that part of the world. If it’s believed that Rh Negative blood is a mutation (like blonde hair and blue eyes), having it while a sibling does not, is no different from one sibling having brown hair while the other has blonde. Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret GenealogyA How-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry, Secret Genealogy IIUncovering the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors and Secret Genealogy III From Jewish Anglo-Saxon Tribes to New France Acadians. Available here:

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