Genealogy… Scenarios of Rh Negative Blood Factor


I like it that people wind up on my blog looking for answers about Rh Negative blood factor. Questions arise, like… why don’t my brother and sister have this blood type?

To be the sole member in the family with Rh Negative blood doesn’t mean you are adopted or that your mother had an affair. Blood type is inherited and all we can do is speculate where it originated. I search for answers to my own Rh Negative mystery and have come up with several hypothesis. Here’s the latest. Perhaps it will stimulate your imagination and help you unravel your mystery.

Here goes… My great-great-grandmother was a Morris. Morisco means Moor, particularly of Spanish descent. Let’s assume that Morris tells me that my ancestors were Moors. The words are similar enough. The Moors were a multi-ethnic group consisting of Arabs who came from the Arabian Peninsula and natives of northern Africa. The North African natives who were Moors were called Berbers. Some Berbers are light skinned and some are black and they have high percentages of Rh Negative blood. (For more on the Berbers see Secret Genealogy II, the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors.) In 711, the Moors got onto boats, crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, landed in Andalusia (Southern Spain), and conquered the Iberian Peninsula.

This history brought the Berbers to Spain and along with them, their Rh Negative blood type. You can leave it to your imagination how the blood type progressed. Let’s use the example of my great-grandmother Morris whose blood type I’ll never know. She was either Scottish or Scots Irish. Where her ancestors came from I do not know but let’s say they descended from Iberians (Spaniards) who immigrated to Scotland and eventually to America.

This is only one of my theories. Another is that I have an ancestor who was an Oriental Jew. Another theory is that I have a Basque ancestor, which fits because the Basque people live along the borderlands of France and Spain.

Another option could be through my father’s ancient ancestors. The surname Rotin is a Sephardic Jewish name from the kingdom of Murcia (in Spain). Murcia is right next to Andalusia. Rh Negative blood could easily have made its way there during the Moorish invasion of 711.

Arabian Peninsula to Northern Africa to Spain to Scotland to America. Imagining different scenarios is fun. Don’t forget Rh Negative blood runs through England’s Royal Family, a very multi-ethnic group due to their creating alliances through marriage with other foreign Royals.

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  1. I was an RH Baby.. What kind of a confession is that? Mom was AB- and dad is O+. Mom’f had a stillbirth girl, then my sister who is A+. Then I came along A+ also and I needed a partial blood transfusion. Then the next girls was born, she’s B- so no transfusions. Then the baby of the family was born, also A+ and she needed a total transfusion.
    Meanwhile I have a girl who I thought was A+ like me, but she’s A- and she lost her twins in first trimester because she didn’t know she was A-, her husband is O+. He children didn’t need transfusions because she got the shot with her 2 pregnancies.
    My son by my second husband is O+ like his father, so no problem there.

    Now all that Negative blood types in the family, there is no Moorish blood in my family. As far as I know I have pure European ancestry. Mostly German from several branches, and Dutch, English, Scottish, Welsh, French. My children have the added ancestry of their separate fathers. My daughter is half Slovak/Polish. My son is part Greek and Native American, plus more German.

    I don’t understand how the Negative blood fits in to mt family tree.


    • Lorraine,
      Thanks for your comment. My niece had a stillbirth as well. She was told that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck. I do not know her blood type. It was very sad. My understanding is that quite a few of Britain’s royal family has Rh negative blood. The English are a mixture. We are all from different mixtures. Rh just slips in there.


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