Accept Christianity or We’ll Take Your Land


There were many Christian Crusades. One particular Germanic Crusade enabled aggressive Christians to take the fertile land of Slavic people. The rallying cry of the invaders was simple, convert to Christianity or we will take your land… and they did. Those who refused to convert were killed. When this Crusade reached an ancient community of Polish Slavic peasants who played flutes in the meadows, the Slavs had to learn to make swords and face the Crusaders. The Germanic invaders did not stop. Poland was besieged repeatedly. By 1772, Poland lost almost 100,000 square miles of territory to Austria, Prussia and Russia. By 1795, Poland was entirely overrun, speaking or singing in Polish was outlawed and dire consequences were imposed on children who did not say their prayers in German. The people were imprisoned and spied on for no reason and many innocent people were sent to Siberia to work in the mines. By WWI, it was worse. Nevertheless, in 1919 the Treaty of Versailles reunited Poland. But by the next year (1920), it had been invaded by Russia. With the help of women and children, the Polish people fought the Russians back. By the 1930’s the Polish people still had independence but minorities were not always treated kindly. With WWII came the Nazi invasion. The Nazis filled trains with Jews and whomever they deemed unfit and gassed them to death. Today, next to Malta, Poland is the most Catholic country in Europe.

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