Genealogy: Am I Related to Someone Famous?


How can we make connections going back hundreds of years when trying to find our ancestors? Especially when they have abandoned their original religion and culture, moved across the seas and started new lives. For many of us, our ancestors have really changed. They have changed so much that we don’t recognize them or refuse to because their lives and belief systems are so foreign. Occasionally, a genealogist will find the same profession or brilliance running in the family tree for hundreds of years. There are people who share the same surname as a great musician or mathematician but can’t make any connection to that person other than the surname. The links are lost to the ages. But keep trying. Read all you can about that famous person and make a timeline. Over the years as you find more information, fill in the timeline. Someday you might find some little piece of historical evidence that proves to you that your own musical genius just happens to run in the family tree.

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