Time To Hear More Genealogy From African Americans


I would love to hear more from African Americans about their genealogy pursuits. Whether it’s research they’ve done at a university, the local library, the Internet or following through with promises they made to their grandmother to look into their oral history that’s been passed down for generations. I can see that people are coming to my blogs to read about rh negative blood factor. My recent experience shows me that many of us with rh negative blood factor are searching for answers. Please feel free to chime in as a few others have done. One thing we all have in common is we are the sort of people who are curious. Some folks don’t care about genealogy, where they came from and who they descend from. Others are fascinated, truly “turned on” by genealogy. I’m one of those. And the more diversity I find in my long line of ancestors, the more passionate I become. They were peasants, farmers, royalty, warriors, weavers and mystics. And though they were neolithic and primitive and later maybe sophisticated medievals, the people who came before us have a story to tell. No doubt about it, they existed, just as sure as we’re standing here. What’s your story? What have you heard about those who came before you?

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  1. I conduct genealogy on both my family as well as the first African American student to attend my college. Both pursuits have been truly a blessing and it has been a great joy uncovering not only my family’s history, but the history of other African Americans.


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