Rh Negative Blood Type? You’re Not the Only One Asking Questions


I am an rh-negative blood type so find the topic interesting. So much so that I did a little research and added the information into two of my genealogy books. When I began researching blood types, I had no idea there were others like me, who wonder about this unusual blood type. On my dashboard here at WordPress, I am able to see what people type into a search field that makes them wind up on my blog site. Lately I’ve seen a large increase in people who are researching this rh factor. “rh negative blood common in jewish people?” “rh negative hebrew” “rh blood typing genealogy” “black people and o negative” are all common these days, so much so that I will continue my own research into the answers to their and my questions. Who are we? We are definitely special, but so is everyone for some reason or another, maybe the correct word is unusual or rare. The Basque population has a large, perhaps the largest percentage of rh factor and not far from where they reside, on the Moroccan side of the waters, Berbers have a high concentration of rh factor. And not far from there we have Iran where ancient Iranian Jews have a high percentage of rh factor, as do Oriental Jews. So if you look at a map, although these areas are not right next to each other, they are close enough for ancients to have travelled to, in an era when selling and exchanging slaves was commonplace. Were our ancestors Jews or were they Bedouins? Did the Basque travel to America and leave genetic traces behind? I kinda like the idea that we descend from “Ancient Alien Ancestors.” Really? How cool is that? Or not. We really would be special wouldn’t we? I’ll keep watching for clues and continue writing about them in my genealogy books. Until then, let it be a reminder that there were others long, long ago who walked on this planet whose characteristics we now embody.

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  1. My mom is RH Neg. (AB the rarest), so is my sister (B I think) and my daughter is RH Neg. (A). My younger sister and I had to have partial blood transfusions when we were born, me in 1958 and my youngest sister in 1964. We are not of Jewish heritage that we know of, but have lots of German GNA in the family.


  2. So three of us sisters have A Positive blood, one has B Negative. My daughter was first born and she has A Negative? She had to have shots to keep the pregnancies she had.


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