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Ancestry & Genealogy: Time to Know Who You Really Come From


No more secrets. It’s not necessary. No more lies. DNA can shed light on it. Our ancestors may have “pretended” to be of an ethnicity they weren’t born with but let’s check it out. Why do so many Americans have Old Testament Hebrew names? Hosea… first king of the Jews? Why would an ancestor have that name if he wasn’t from a Jewish family? Rebecca, Rachel… Old Testament names… maybe the ancients were from Judah. The habit of persecuting Jews was rampant during the Middle Ages and still practiced into the 18th century… Jews were expelled from the Louisiana area. Check it out… do you have Southern ancestry? Did they the leave Louisiana area between 1724-1803 and move into the adjoining territory? Maybe they were Jewish and they didn’t want to be persecuted. Maybe they were just done with it. But guess what… we’re just gettin’ started. We want to know who we really are!

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