Americans Are Multi-Ethnic


Hi there… I took two months off to finish a historical novel, “Black Pansy”. I’m back now and look forward to posting more unusual bits of historical information. I’ve also been researching for “Secret Genealogy IV”. This book will delve into hidden Native American and African American ancestry. I’m fascinated with Americans and how multi-ethnic we are. All the “Secret Genealogy” books are now available in print. You’ll find them here:

Thanks for reading! Suellen Ocean


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  1. I would be curious about this particularly with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates stating flatly that Native American ancestry within the African-American population is “a myth”. There is another scholar who disputes Gates’s findings and argues that the DNA tests are not 100% accurate. Gates himself took three tests to determine which African nation he is descended from; he took three tests and received three different answers. Wonder why THAT didn’t make into his documentary.


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