Genealogy: Have the Name Noah in Your Family Tree?


What an interesting guy Noah was. Yes, yes, who hasn’t heard of Noah’s Ark and who doesn’t wonder how in the world one guy could fit all the earth’s species onto one boat? Noah was 10th down from Adam, the guy who made his famous entrance with Eve, yes that Adam… Adam and Eve. But Noah was literally a cultured guy. In Genesis, he appears to culture vineyards and discovered the art of making wine. Noah’s drunkenness creates quite a stir; you can find that story in the bible too. If you have an ancestor by the name of Noah, it could mean many things. Whether or not it’s a link to Jewish ancestry depends on whether one is able to study the family history and find any clues. Noah had a son named Shem and this is where the word “Semite” originated. Today we think of Semites as Jews and Arabs but this was not always the case. There were other Semite groups, including the Babylonians, Aramaeans, Phoenicians and Assyrians.

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