What Inspired Me to Write About Secret Societies & the Masons?


I was inspired to write about the Knights Templar and the Masons during the excitement surrounding Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code.” My son Shane was constantly schooling me about what he’d learned regarding secret societies and it inspired me to start looking into my own family’s ties to the Masons. For over fifty years both of my grandmothers were Eastern Star (the female branch of the Masons). My mother said her mother told her, “There are secrets I can’t tell you.”

My father was especially fascinated with the Masons and spoke of them in whispered tones, as if he had things he longed to tell me but couldn’t. He had no idea he was planting seeds in my mind nor that as an adult, I would one day follow up on his cryptic whisperings. To my knowledge he was not a Mason but I believe his father was because my father’s mother was an Eastern Star and it was usually a family member who brought women into the society.
The weirdest thing happened to me a few years ago. It truly was a dark, stormy night and I thought I would get on the web and see if I could find secrets regarding my family’s ties to Masonry. I googled Knights Templar and started getting into some pretty trippy UK websites. I was using my father’s name to see if I had ancestry by the same name. I found some interesting info so I clicked on “print” and the printer made all kinds of noise and made marks on the paper but the only thing it printed was the word “why?” As the thunder clapped outside and the wind and pounding rain shook the windowpane next to me, I was carried into a spell. It was probably just a strange co-incidence but I must say, it felt like someone was monitoring my research and wanted to know “why” I wanted to know.

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