Genealogy: Is There A Deborah In Your Family Tree?


For the ancient Israelites a “Judge” was to whom the people turned to solve their differences and a Judge had enough power to act as intermediary leader in time of war. All the Judges were men except for one … Deborah. If any of your ancestors have the name Deborah it may be that they had an affinity for the Israelites.

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  1. Suellen, do you read Hebrew? I use an interlinear sometimes. (Kohlenberger) but since I’m not Jewish, I have never really thought about the possible connection between my people, and their names, in relation to the Hebrew language. Thank you.


    • Hi Dale, I don’t read Hebrew but I make use of the English to Hebrew dictionaries on line. My father-in-law reads Hebrew. My main research is using names, places, words and history to uncover our ancestor’s “Secret Genealogy”. I’m working on my third “Secret Genealogy” book. I also write novels using the same research. It’s fascinating! I am not familiar with interlinear, is that the form for the family tree?


      • Suellen, an interlinear is a Hebrew bible with an English translation below it. It gets exciting with Hebrew going left end English going right, but at least it opens the mind. I actually found a mis-translation in Genesis 49. Keep posting, I enjoy your writing.


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