Do You Have Questions About Freemasonry, Religion and Ancestry?


I find fiction a great way to explore our curiosities. Mine is a deep fascination with Freemasonry and its connection to early Colonial America. In my novels I hope I encourage the reader to ask such questions as: Who were the Knights Templar? What do they have to do with Colonial America? Why are the Knights Templar credited with establishing the banking system? After the Inquisition did the Knights Templar pirate ships? Why the Star of David in the Masonic Lodge? There are many answers to these questions. I hope you enjoy mine.

Suellen Ocean is the author of the historical series, The Lion’s Trace Available here:

The Lies of the Lion (Book 1)

The Guild (Book 2)

The Last Quadroon (Book 3)

eBooks and computer downloads available through Smashwords:

TheLiesoftheLionFrontCover  NewCoverTheGuild  TheLastQuadroonFrontCover


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