African-Americans and Rh-negative Blood Type


The Black Cochin Jewish population has a high percentage of Rh-negative blood but the Rh-negative blood type is uncommon in the Black population in general, which is exactly the same interesting phenomenon as with the Oriental Jews of Israel who have a high percentage of Rh-negative blood, where among the Chinese and Japanese, Rh-negative blood type it is almost non-existent.

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  1. I am African American with Scottish and Blackfoot Indian lineage. Ever since I found out I was Rh- negative I’ve been on a mission to find out more b/c it has affected my life so greatly. I am highly intelligent (don’t know what my IQ is but I know when tested as a child I excelled greatly in reading, science and arts), and very psychic. I am also Rh- sensitized which has also changed my life a great deal. I would like as much info on this matter as possible.


    • The RH factor, I am an o+ black female married to an o- black male we had 3 children to all living and no problems with deliveries. Can somebody explain to me why there were no still borns as stated in the article? My case must be special I would assume.


  2. I am an African American living in the southern United States. I have Rh-Negative blood from my father. And B-Negative blood from my mother. Im very much interested in my ancestry. And who I am descended from. Especially sense a European told me that some black Rh-Negatives are Black Irish. And others are Jews.


    • Michael, I hate to outright plug my books, “Secret Genealogy” and “Secret Genealogy II” but the research I do and the books I write would be very helpful for you in finding answers to your ancestry. Smashwords has many ways to read them, including on the computer, PDF, etc. You can find them here: or at our website, I too have Rh-Negative and am not sure where it came from, Ancient Jews, Moroccan Berbers, Basque Sheepherders … I am just finishing up my third “Secret Genealogy” book and have begun the research for “Secret Genealogy IV” where I’ll focus heavily on Native American ancestry and those who inter-married with them, which includes the Irish, Scots-Irish, African Americans, French-Canadian, Jews, etc. I’m proud of having such an unusual blood type. It stirs the imagination, doesn’t it? Suellen Ocean


      • Thankyou Sue, I promise to get all your books very soon. I know they will be of great help to me. Seeing how im Rh-Negative and geanealogy is one of my interests. :-)


    • The RH factor, I am an o+ black female married to an o- black male we had 3 children to all living and no problems with deliveries. Can somebody explain to me why there were no still borns as stated in the article? My case must be special I would assume.


  3. I am African American I have 12 brothers and sisters. I am the only one with the blood type. It’s confuse me a lot. I know I am different from them all. I also have 2 girls and they are fine. PLease shed some light on this for me.


    • Hi Brenda,
      Have you read my Secret Genealogy books? Available here:
      You have inherited different genetics than your siblings. All the research I have is in my books. You should start with Secret Genealogy then Secret Genealogy II, then III. I don’t believe my brother and sister have Rh negative, just me. I never knew my parent’s blood type but my mother always said we were related to William the Conqueror, back in 1066, he was the first “Norman” king of England. “Norman” means a man from the north, called this because his ancestors were Vikings from the north. History shows that some of the royals in this line had Rh negative. You could have royal blood… that’s always fun. You should read my books. In electronic form they’re only 2.99 and as paperbacks from Amazon they’re about $10. I’m always researching and am working on another Secret Genealogy, IV this time. African-American ancestry is very interesting, I focus on it quite a bit in my books. I’m glad you found me! Good luck with your search!
      Suellen Ocean


  4. I am African and rh negative O blood type…. both my parent are both rh positive O blood type… I believe i am the only one with rh negative out of all my siblings… How is that possible? I am of the royal descent from Africa, my grandfather was a very powerful king. I don’t believe i have any missed race in me, i believe i am a full blooded African. everywhere i read about rh negative online, it seems the percentage of Africans with it are very small. i now live in America and found out i am rh negative after my third pregnancy… (had two miscarriages prior). i am just curious to see if you have any answers for me. Thanks,


    • AJ, I could only guess or use my imagination. The Berbers, the Basque, Oriental Jews and Ancient Persian Jews have high percentages of rh-negative blood in their populations. One of your ancestors may have been from one of these groups. There were and still are plenty of African Jews. I run across it frequently in my research. You aren’t the only person of African descent who is puzzled by this. I can tell by the search words people use. I think people get suspicious but children inherit differently. I’m also rh-negative and my sister isn’t. I read that there is a lot of rh-negative in Britain’s royal family tree. There is also some African and Jewish in that tree. It’s all very interesting, isn’t it? I’d love to see your family tree with the African king, maybe it matches somewhere with European royalty. Good luck with your genealogy search.


      • I am a Moor and some of the people you mention was berbers, perisian jews etc. The people mention above are all malotoes, the original people of them lands did not carry the RH negative until the blackamoors mixed with european women, that where you get all these mixed races, arabs, puerto ricans etc. further according to my research of peers viewed and empirical data.


    • Hi as far as, the anti-D injections to protect my babies from the risk of rhesus incompatibility. I did not receive any injection for my unborn babies. I was not offered any injections, but my children are normal. I have 3 children with my black husband, who is o-, I am o+. I was never asked my husband blood type. My children turned out fine, they’ve all completed college and achieved their degrees. I don’t think enough research is done to make these statements. At the end of the day, I believe in God not the big bang theory!


  5. I am yet another AA with RH negative blood. My bloodlines span from West Africa, Cuba, ireland, Spain, Lebanon and probably Eurasia, due to Native American Indian genes as well.

    What I find so interesting about this inquiry into this specific blood type is how ‘White separatists’ have attempted to co-opt this blood type as a mark of their ‘purity’. I am hardly “pure” by any stretch of the word, but according to their non-logic, I have the “purest blood of Europe”. hahahaha!

    I always have a good chuckle when RH positive White Americans gloat about their “purity” in contrast to non Whites. LOL

    Thanks for this,


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