Are We Really Just Remnants of the Ancient Essenes?


These days, I’ve been reading a lot about my ancestors. They were very religious and saw frugality as a virtue. So when I read about the Essenes, a “splinter Jewish sect”, written about in The Lost Years of Jesus Revealed by Rev. Dr. Charles Francis Potter, and ran across this written about the Essenes, I couldn’t help but smile. History doesn’t just repeat itself, it keeps a continuity, especially in regards to religion.

“… Essenian in their renunciation of money, in frugality of living, their combining of plain living and high thinking, their mysticism, their interest in hymns and hymn composition, their sunrise worship, their repudiation of animal sacrifices, their asceticism, their connection with Eastern (Persian or Hindu) mystic contemplation, their basic Judaism, their obvious Gnostic coloring, and their studious love of books.”

Sound like anybody you know?

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