What Does it Mean to be Jewish? Why Search for Jewish Ancestry?


After spending years on the genealogical websites, I have come to believe that I can help millions of Americans who have reached dead ends in regard to their family trees. Even after several years of hunches that my ancestors were Jewish, there was always doubt, but the ancestors cheered me on. They left proud symbols, whether it was the lions that lay crumbling to entrances of long forgotten homesteads or names they picked for their children, Rachel, Jacob, Samuel, Ezekiah. They had hope for a future where descendants were sensitive to the echo of their voices. The dead can talk and they knew how to leave clues, we just don’t know how to look for them.

Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret GenealogyA How-to for Tracing Ancient Jewish Ancestry, Secret Genealogy IIUncovering the Jewish Roots of Our Christian Ancestors and Secret Genealogy III From Jewish Anglo-Saxon Tribes to New France Acadians. Available here:


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