What’s a Bohemian? A Hippy? A Gypsy? One From Bohemia? An Intellectual?


Although it does mean one from Bohemia, it has other meanings too. I’ve been confused as to what it really means so I did a little research. Originally the Bohemians of Medieval times were non-Europeans who distinguished themselves apart from other Europeans due to their transient, non-conforming nature. The original homeland of the Bohemians was the outskirts of Iran and India but because they were thought to have come from Bohemia, they were given that label. There were also Europeans who believed this colorful transient group hailed from Egypt, hence the label Gypsy. During the 1800s the word was used to describe the artsy crowd, authors, painters, sculptors and poets who hung around cafes discussing art and politics, leading lives opposite their fellow Europeans. The Beatniks of San Francisco and the artists of the sixties revolution and modern day followers of that lifestyle are often referred to as “Bohemian”.

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