What is the Ark of the Covenant?


One, it is a sacred wooden chest. Two, it was made by the tribes of Israel a long, long time ago, well before Christianity. Three, the Israelites made it because the Lord told Moses to tell them to make it. Four, it contained the law (the ten commandments). Five, it was kept in the first temple and was very holy. Six, it was so holy; it caused the River Jordan to divide when they approached with it (remember the Israelites were nomadic for a while so they carried it around). Seven, it symbolized the faith of the Jews. Eight, it was last seen in the Temple in Jerusalem. Nine, it is now a conspiracy theory and Steven Spielberg made a movie about it, Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Ten, the ancient Babylonians (approx where Iraq is now) burned the Temple down so the Ark must have burned up with the temple. But … eleven, some religious Jews believe that when the Messiah comes it will be restored.

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