Hitler, Caucasians, Hindus and Iranians? Can’t Wrap My Brain Around It


Who the Aryans are has always baffled me. Hitler believed that the Aryan Race was a “pure” Germanic race, which he meant to preserve. Then I heard that Iran means Aryan because they were Aryans. My search for finding exactly who the Aryans are (or were) has brought me this:

Aryans descended on the river valleys of northern India around 2000 BC

Aryans are light-skinned and probably came from Central Asia or Europe

Aryans are of the same stock as Europeans

Aryans were warriors on chariots (this makes me think of Celts)

Hinduism stemmed from ancient Aryans and their writings (they are credited with writing mankind’s oldest book ‘the Vedas’)

If I go by what my newer dictionary defines, it would tell me the root of the word arya means noble, but other than that it just tells me that an Aryan is a descendant of prehistoric people who spoke Indo-European. And for the second definition it states Indo-Iranian.

Still not enough information for my brain to form a concise picture of who the Aryans are (or were). I have an old 1941 dictionary, which describes it further, by informing me that, the Aryans descend from the Iranian plateau from ancient times while another branch entered India. One thing I’m sure of is that they are Caucasian.

Hitler, Caucasians, Hindus and Iranians? Can’t wrap my brain around it.

Hitler was full of myths. Hitler’s belief that Germans were this Aryan master race is not only perverted but also based on what may very well be a myth concerning Aryans of India, their strength and their writing of ‘the Vedas’. No wonder I was confused – the facts are flimsy.

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